TMS mobile patrol units are fully contactable 24 hours a day, and are most often used to carry out periodic checks on premises and equipment. They provide early crime detection, as well as deter would be criminals and vandals from attempting to gain access to premises. Typically, the pattern of calls is kept random to prevent observers working out a predictable routine. Employing a system of security inspections by fully trained TMS mobile patrol officers over risk periods helps prevent theft and damage.

In regard to security (after hours) mobile patrols and alarm response security services for any premises, TMS Services strive to always improve and increase the level of security coverage and inherent knowledge of the building premises.

The mobile patrol service checks and/or alarm responses at the premises, TMS aim to undertake and accomplish the summary of requirements below, to ultimately overall heighten the level of security presence and ultimately improve the security integrity of the property:

  • Full External physical check of access ways, fire doors, auto doors and complete building perimeter
  • Electronic “i-button” data compliancy sensors are installed at the building premises areas and extremities of the premises, to provide a broader patrol coverage of the building premises
  • Security staff to be fully briefed on the premises details and operational activities which are apparent on a day to day basis, so to accustom staff to normal operational after hours activities.
  • Damage to premises, graffiti or unusual observations, as well as any significant maintenance issues will be reported to property management.
  • TMS Services will respond to any Alarm Response as a priority and always attend site within a reasonable timeframe (especially in emergency call-out circumstances).
  • After hours contact list is regularly checked and updated to improve coverage of contactable persons, especially for serious issues or emergency situations.